The Black Keys – (Some of) El Camino (via )

Maybe this isn’t called “Stream (Some) of This Noise!” but we figured you wanted to know anyway. Five of the 11 songs off of El Camino can be heard at the blues rock duo’s website. The album can be purchased (and heard in its entirety) on December 6th. It’s already on some Top Albums of 2011 lists, so come on, they don’t really have to let you listen to the whole album in advance.


Gorillaz – Singles 2001-2011 (via Spinner)

You know, to see which ones you don’t have on your iPod already.


The Roots - undun (via NPR)

They can play, and they can recognize cool. I would have never guessed ?uestlove would dig The Dismemberment Plan when they appeared on Fallon, or that he was being serious when he asked Twitter followers that night what they thought of the prospect of the band appearing at The Roots Picnic (They did, in fact, appear). If you want to see if there’s a 90’s guitar rock influence on the new record, undun, check out the stream at NPR, and/or pick it up on December 6th via Def Jam Records.


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