This is such a cool and generous thing to do.

Bodi, a hip-hop artist from Colorado who has rapped on tracks with P.O.S., Kristoff Krane, and Sadistik, released his latest EP, entitled Forever Is Now, on January 24th, and is donating all of the money he makes to the Faraja and Ebenezer orphanages in Kenya.  The eight-track record, produced by the UK-based Abstrakt,  features Bodi’s signature mellow free-styles over subtle samples of Sigur Ros songs.  Each track has a title relevant to Buddhist philosophy, which is a great reinforcement of Bodi’s ideology.  Not to mention that it’s just downright awesome to have a song named “Zhetta” or “Samsara.”

Forever Is Now makes use of the pay-what-you-want technique pioneered by Radiohead and converts it into a completely selfless endeavor, allowing the customer to spend up to $100,000 that will be sent directly to children in serious need of assistance.  It’s amazing to see an artist doing this out of pure compassion and generosity, not for attention in the public eye.  Head over to Bodi’s Bandcamp page where you can both stream and download Forever Is Now.  If you dig the style and the cause, toss up a few bucks and get the album.  Bodi will be eternally grateful.

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